Electrical repairs

Onsite electrical and fire alarm repairs

Onsite electrical and fire alarm repairs

We do more than just test!

A visit by our technicians will ensure that your Portable Appliances are left in working order and not covered in failure stickers.

As part of our PAT Testing procedure we have developed an extensive schedule of repairs, primarily consisting of leads, connectors and fuses to ensure that after a visit from an Electrical Testers’ Technician – who is a fully qualified electrician – the site is left with all equipment functioning in complete safety.

The same service applies to your Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting, where damaged and inoperable fittings are replaced, from our on van stock, wherever possible.

All work is undertaken to standard fixed price rates which ensures transparency and great value for money.

Where we are unable to repair at the time of testing, we will prepare a quote for a return visit.

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