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Electrical testing is a vital procedure every business should undertake, but without the necessary skills, expertise and experience, it isn’t something that can be performed in-house by your own employees.

At Electrical Testers, we’ve been helping businesses in Northern Ireland and Belfast operate electrically safe premises and meet wiring regulations since 1991. We have highly trained engineers stationed throughout the region, which means we can visit your business right when you need us.

Contact us today to book your electrical testing and you’ll receive a fully-qualified, professional and highly experienced service from the Electrical Testers team.

What we do

After an initial consultation, we’ll book a convenient time to visit your premises and test every component of your electrical installation. This will be done at a time that results in minimal disruption to your business.

Our testing will look for signs of wear and tear in every element of your electrical installation, both visual and hidden from view.

Beyond the light fittings and wall sockets, our technicians will also check the wiring that lies behind walls and within ducting, leaving no stone unturned. We only use the highest quality testing equipment that provides the most accurate results.

A jargon-free report

The wiring regulations require detailed reports to be completed after electrical testing, but we understand that you don’t want to be swamped in jargon.

That’s why every report we produce is jargon-free and designed to give you the clearest view possible of your electrical installation’s condition. If we find faults, they’ll be graded in the report by their severity and we’ll make a clear note when we believe there are fixes that require urgent attention.

PAT testing in Northern Ireland and Belfast

An important part of electrical testing is the PAT test. Any piece of equipment within your business that required a feed of electricity needs to be PAT tested.

There are no official requirements for how often your business should have PAT testing undertaken, but we recommend that all IT and stationary equipment should be tested every four years. Anything that can be moved - such as extension leads and portable kit - should be tested every year.

We use industry-standard equipment during PAT testing which checks the condition of plugs and the overall condition of any leads that are used to carry electricity.

Why choose us?

Electrical Testers have provided excellent electrical testing services to businesses big and small throughout Northern Ireland and Belfast for nearly three decades. Our team of electricians are never far from your door, and benefit from the best tools and the latest training. You’re always in safe hands with Electrical Testers and can be guaranteed a service that fits well within your budget.

Contact us today

Our friendly team is waiting for your call, so if you’re based in Northern Ireland or Belfast and need any form of electrical testing, then fill out the form on the right hand side or give us a call today!

Electrical Testing Belfast

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