Fire Alarm Testing London

Since 1991, the team at Electrical Testers has been providing fire alarm testing services to businesses throughout London.

Fire alarms sit there unused for long stretches of time, but how sure can you be that yours are ready to be called into action if the worst happens?

Fire alarm testing isn’t something you can skip, and Electrical Testers will help you meet the latest British Standards and ensure your working environment is safe for everyone.

Formal inspections
There’s a requirement for business fire alarms to be fully inspected and tested every six months. This is to ensure reliability, but you’ll need an experienced set of hands to make sure the inspection is carried out correctly.

Fire alarms are only needed if the worst happens, which is why Electrical Testers can provide a vital service that may not be at the forefront of your mind during day-to-day operations. We use the best tools and the latest training to ensure your business fire alarm system is compliant and capable of working correctly should the worst happen.

We don’t just test - we fix, too
Our engineers are so skilled that they can go far beyond simply testing fire alarm systems. If any remedial work is required, we’ll undertake it while on site to ensure you don’t have to call out separate trades or disrupt the business on multiple days.

We’ll inform you before the work is undertaken and, for bigger fixes, provide guidance on what should be done next.

Your own fire alarm system testing report
No one wants a report that’s full of jargon and technical terms, which is why the Electrical Testers team only provides fire alarm system reports that are written in plain English.

Within the report, you’ll find out exactly what testing work was carried out on-site, along with any remedial fixes. A full schedule of component parts will also be included, but if we discover faults that need further attention, we’ll detail them in the report, too.

This means you’ll be left with a clear picture of the current health of your fire alarm system and what can be done to improve it in future.

Why choose us?
Electrical Testers has spent three decades providing fire alarm testing services to businesses throughout the nation’s capital. We know it like the back of our hands and have several engineers stationed throughout London. That means we can be with you at short notice and you’ll never be left with a hefty travel bill for the privilege.

We’ve built a reputation for hard work, endless knowledge and a professional but approachable demeanour that ensures our customers keep coming back to us for their testing requirements.

Contact us today
If you’d like to talk about our fire system testing service in more detail and find out how it will help your business become safer and compliant with the latest standards, give our friendly team a call today.

Fire Alarm Testing London

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