Fire Safety Manchester

Since 1991, Electrical Testers has been helping businesses in Manchester achieve the highest levels of fire safety.
The thought of a major incident involving fire taking place at your business is terrifying, which is why fire safety should be at the heart of its culture. Our highly skilled technicians will help you create a fire safety-first mindset cost-effectively.

Fire safety for all businesses in Manchester
Whether you operate from a modern building that benefits from high-tech materials and advanced fire safety construction, or premises that were built many decades ago, fire safety should be of paramount importance to your organisation.
You’ll need the right alarms, fire safety systems and planned escape routes if employees are to be kept safe from harm. Equally, your business should achieve a high level of compliance with the latest standards, and it can only do that if its fire safety approach is regularly assessed.
We’ve spent nearly three decades helping Manchester businesses prevent major fire incidents with our unbeatable fire safety testing service.

Emergency lighting
Those green lights that can be found above most doors in your business are easy to overlook, but in the unfortunate event that they need to be called upon, can you be sure they’ll do the job intended?
Our team can inspect this vital component of fire safety and ensure any faulty components are replaced.

Fire alarm system testing in Manchester
Even if you stage periodic fire alarms, your fire alarm system needs to be regularly tested to ensure it will perform if called upon during a real emergency.
Our team will fully test your fire alarm system and provide a jargon-free report detailing any remedial work undertaken and recommendations for further improvements.

Risk assessments
Fire prevention is a big topic in business, and if you have the right fire risk assessments in place, you’ll stand a far better chance of complying with the latest standards.
Our technicians are all Fire Protection Association trained, which means they’ll leave no stone unturned while they inspect the risk that might be inherent within your business.

Why pick us?
If you’re based in Manchester, we have engineers stationed close by. That means we can come to you at relatively short notice, and because we both test and perform remedial work, you can consider Electrical Testers to be your one-stop-shop for fire safety.
Our friendly, knowledgeable team are waiting for your call - get in touch today to book fire safety testing for you Manchester business!

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