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Countrywide Group, Portable appliance and EICR (fixed installation) testing

Countrywide are the UK’s largest property services group with over 850 branches and 60 brands within the group.  They couple nationwide service with local expertise to provide a full range of procedures and services to meet all customers property needs.

In 2014 Electrical Testers approached Countrywide to offer portable appliance and fixed installation testing at group level, having previously tested a number of brands in earlier years.

At this time Countrywide were also undergoing a change to their purchasing and facilities management systems. Working alongside Countrywide we were one of the first suppliers to sign up to the scheme and gain accreditation through elogbooks to become a preferred supplier.

We currently provide portable appliance and fixed installation testing across a number of regions and once completed offer quotes for remedial rectifications.

Testing is booked in advance and taking into account peak trading times to minimise any disturbance to sites.  Where required earlier starts or out of hours testing further reduces the disruption, this coupled with combined visits where possible ensures there is no interruption of day to day trading


Portable appliance and EICR

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