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Become compliant with all the relevant Codes of Practice and British Standards


As a business owner, you’ll be focused on growing your empire and providing the best possible service to your customers. What you won’t be thinking about is how compliant you are with Codes of Practice and British Standards.


For close to three decades, Electrical Testers have been providing compliance testing services to businesses throughout the UK. We do it because this is an area on which businesses absolutely have to focus, even if they employ a third party to do the work for them.

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The challenge for businesses

Today’s marketplace is competitive, fast moving and, as a result, regulations are constantly evolving. It’s therefore more challenging than ever before for companies to remain complaint with the latest electrical safety standards.

Whether you manufacture, sell, distribute or simply rely heavily on electrical products, your business will need to make sure they’re safe, of high quality and capable of meeting the variety of ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Added to this headache is the fact you’ll need to protect your business and brand from the risks presented by non-compliance. Equally, environmental impact, ethical expectation from consumers and the risk of component failure means you’ll need an experienced hand to guide you through all areas of compliance. And that’s where we come in!

Electrical Inspection & Testing Overview

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Fixed wire testing

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PAT Testing

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Emergency lighting testing

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Fire alarm testing

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Electrical repairs

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Remedial works

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Electrical Safety Test

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A huge range of services and experience

From PAT testing to remedial works, the Electrical Testers team can provide all aspects of compliance testing.


We do this with the benefit of nearly thirty years experience in the industry, and, thanks to UK-wide coverage, will almost certainly have an engineer not far from your doorstep whenever compliance testing is required.


The component parts of your business will all rely on some form of electrical supply. Quite often, it’s the elements you think least about, such as your emergency lighting, fire alarms and the fixed wires that lay behind your walls. Our team is trained in all aspects of compliance testing, and will ensure no stone is left unturned.

Our jargon-free report guarantee

We’re the experts when it comes to compliance testing, and we don’t expect you to have to wade through technical jargon if you call us out to undertake our work. That’s why we’ll only leave you with a report that’s written in plain English and which will provide a full overview of the work undertaken and any fixes required.

If you need us, we're always here, too. When we leave your premises, that isn't the last time you'll see or hear from us. Whenever you have a question relating to electrical testing, emergency light, compliance or fire safety, all you need to do is get in touch with our friendly team who will be only to happy to help.

We don’t just test

It doesn’t seem sensible to have to call out multiple trades if electrical compliance testing uncovers faults that need fixing. That’s why our engineers are all capable of undertaking remedial work on site.


If we find a fault that needs immediate attention, we’ll inform you but also fix it while on-site, saving you the cost of having to call an electrician out or rebook with Electrical Testers.

Compliance Testing Services

Business owners like you are understandably focussed on growing your empire and providing the best possible service to your customers.

But are you thinking about how compliant you are with Codes of Practice and British Standards? If not, we can help - big time.

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At Electrical Testers, we specialise in fixed wire testing throughout the UK (the inspection and testing of all electrical installations).

With engineers stationed throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, we're never far from your door and our team can be relied on to provide a service that is reliable, friendly and fully-qualified.

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PAT testing is undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. This includes all portable, fixed, transportable, plugged or spurred, equipment that needs to be inspected, tested and maintained.

Electrical Testers only employs qualified electricians. This enables us to carry out all necessary repairs to the power supply at the time of inspection, consequently minimising the number of items you might have that will fail.

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Electrical Testers will provide you with annual and interim Emergency Lighting testing inspections. Not only that, if required we'll also replace any faulty components from our on van stock.

This is usually undertaken as part of a Fire Alarm inspection, but it can also be combined with your PAT testing, adding further value to an Electrical Testers visit!

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It's not uncommon for businesses to pay little attention to fire alarms until they’re required.

However, just like any emergency device, this means your fire alarms will need regular testing by professionals. Electrical Testers will ensure full working order and compliance with the latest British Standards.

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We do more than just test at Electrical Testers! It's what brings so many of our customers back time and again.

A visit by an Electrical Testers technician will ensure that your portable appliances are left in working order and not covered in failure stickers - we'll fix whatever we can while on site.

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The inspection of a fixed wire installation may reveal serious faults within an electrical system. This includes overload situations which can be highly dangerous for the building and its inhabitants.

Electrical Testers specialises in providing remedial works where we can upgrade your system to meet the latest regulations, ensuring a safe working environment and providing you with peace of mind.

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There’s no escaping the fact that electrical testing is a vital procedure for all businesses in all industries.

This task is, however, best undertaken by experts, rather than done internally. It requires a great deal of experience to get right, which is why you should call in the brilliant Electrical Testers team.

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