Electrical Inspection & Testing Overview

Electrical Inspection & Compliance Testing Service

Become compliant with all the relevant Codes of Practice and British Standards.

As a business owner, you’ll be focussed on growing your empire and providing the best possible service to your customers. What you won’t be thinking about is how compliant you are with Codes of Practice and British Standards.

For close to three decades, Electrical Testers have been providing compliance testing services to businesses throughout the UK. We do it because this is an area on which businesses absolutely have to focus, even if they employ a third party to do the work for them.

Choose one of our many services from the list below:

Electrical Inspection & Testing Overview
We have a UK-wide network of fully-qualified technicians who can provide numerous compliance testing and inspection services for commercial operations.
At Electrical Testers, we combine our many years of experience and knowledge with a consistent, flexible and personal service. We’ll ensure your business clears every regulatory hurdle.

The infrastructure you can’t see can often be the most dangerous if not maintained properly. This is why the fixed wire testing regulation requires businesses to undertake inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations on a five-year cycle.
Hiding behind the walls and trunking in your business is cabling that is vital to its operation. We’ll ensure it’s safe and that your business remains compliant with modern regulations.

PAT Testing
Every piece of portable, fixed and transportable equipment in your businesses needs to be properly maintained, and a big part of that relates to PAT testing.
Our qualified, experienced technicians will use the latest tools to test the electrical safety of your equipment and carry out any necessary repairs onsite to reduce any risk of failure or injury.

Emergency Lighting Testing
Emergency lights lay dormant for most of their lives until called into action. And, if that happens, you want to be ultra-confident they’ll effectively guide people to safety.
Our highly experienced engineers will provide annual and interim emergency lighting testing inspections. We’ll even carry out repairs on-site, too, thus maximising your investment in our time. Don’t leave this vital safety element to chance.

When it comes to testing one of the most important safety devices in your business, you want to be sure the job is in safe hands.
At Electrical Testers, we have a UK-wide network of highly experienced technicians who will ensure your fire alarms are fully tested every six months. We’ll make sure they work as intended if ever called upon, and provide you with a no-nonsense, jargon-free inspection report.

Electrical Repairs
We do far more than just test electrical installations, and this is why our team of technicians are also adept at carrying out onsite electrical and fire alarm repairs.
If we discover damaged or inoperable fittings, we’ll replace them from our van stock and ensure we only leave once all equipment is functioning safely. That means ultimate peace of mind for you, and no repeat callouts from separate trades.

Remedial Works
We believe an electrical testing service extends far beyond inspection and testing. That’s why all of our technicians are given the necessary tools, parts and expertise to carry out remedial works onsite, if required.
The work we carry out is fully E.C.A. bonded and we have approval to work on domestic premises that might include manager’s flats, social housing, staff houses and supported living accommodation. All work we carry out is quoted on a fixed-price basis.

Electrical testing is a vital procedure for every business, but it’s all too easily left to chance. This challenging, difficult task needs expert hands, and our highly-qualified, UK-wide technicians will provide a service that ensures your business remains compliant and safe.
Our electrical testing is thorough, and the reports we produce completely jargon-free. What’s more, we can even carry out remedial works while onsite, thus maximise your investment in our time.

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