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Electrical safety testing

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There’s no getting away from it – electrical testing is a vital procedure.

This essential task is, however, difficult, challenging and requires a great deal of experience to get right. Given that it involves working within live electrical environments, electrical testing isn’t something you can do yourself.

This is why you need qualified, professional and highly experienced electrical testers to undertake the testing within your business. And at Electrical Testers, we’ve been doing this for businesses across the UK for over twenty-five years.


Periodic commercial property inspections

Fixed wire testing is something our team has done for over two decades. It involves inspecting and reporting on the quality and suitability of the electrical system within your business.

This is often the stuff you can’t see; behind the wall sockets, light fittings and light switches lie metres (sometimes, miles) of cabling that can present a very real threat to the livelihood of your business and its employees if not inspected and properly maintained.

We undertake incredibly thorough inspections and complement them with reports that swap jargon for no-nonsense insight into the health of your electrical installation. Our qualified team will also detail the remedial work required – which we can also undertake while on site, if convenient or particularly pressing.


What do Electrical Safety Testers do?

We’ll test every component of your electrical installation for wear and tear, both visual and hidden from view.

Our engineers are experts in identifying and spotting potential hazards that exist within electrical systems, components, wiring and devices. They’ll check every area of your system, from light fittings and wall sockets to the wiring behind.

We do this by injecting test voltages and using the highest quality and most accurate testing equipment available.

Once the test is complete, we’ll provide a full, jargon-free report that details every item tested. Faults that are found will be graded by their severity, ranging from those that come with recommended fixes to items that need immediate attention. It’s vital that the latter are dealt with as soon as possible so as to avoid personal injury or destruction of the business.


The importance of PAT testing

We don’t just test fixed wire installations and emergency lighting. At Electrical Testers, we have long provided full PAT testing services for businesses big and small.

Any piece of equipment that requires a feed of electricity to operate should be PAT tested. That includes computers, machinery, extension plugs and anything else in your business that can be ‘switched on’.

When PAT testing, we’ll use industry-standard equipment to check the condition of plugs at both ends and the overall condition of the leads.

Any permanently-wired and three phase-powered equipment also needs to be inspected, but we can usually do this without having to remove the plug or cover to dismantle any electrical connections.


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