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Electrical safety isn’t something you can put to chance in business. In order to create an environment in which your business and its staff can thrive, safely, every appliance, device and piece of machinery needs to be regularly tested.

This isn’t something you can do internally, either. In order to comply with stringent regulations, it’s vital businesses in the UK call on the services of experienced electrical testers.

If you’re worried about this involving lots of different companies, we’d like to put your mind at rest!

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You’ve found us - and we’re never far away!

Now we’ve established that you can’t conduct electrical safety testing in-house, it’s time to find someone who can, and at Electrical Testers we’ve built a team of highly-experienced, skilled engineers who are never far from the doorstep of every business in the UK.

For over twenty-five years, we’ve provided electrical safety services to businesses across the country by stationing engineers strategically so that they’re always close-by, no matter where you’re located. That means it’s often possible to book last-minute testing with us and you’ll never have to wait for an engineer to make their way from further afield.

A national full service - with local sensibilities

Every service on this page is available at a national level. You’d be forgiven, therefore, for thinking that this would result in a large corporate approach to the services we provide. You’ll be glad to hear it’s quite the opposite.

Despite our national coverage, Electrical Testers has firmly remained a family-run business and is entirely independent from large chain electrical testing companies. That means we understand why it’s important to offer a local service that’s personable, approachable, cost-effective and highly attentive.

We don’t operate call centres or chat bots, either - we’re real people who love the work we undertake!

One less headache

Let’s be honest - there’s an awful lot to worry about in the modern world when it comes to running a business, and it’s unfortunately true that elements such as electrical safety often get left to chance because of the hectic lives we lead.

By leaning on one company for everything related to electrical safety, you’ll remove one worry from your mind that you may not even have known existed. What’s more, you’ll build a relationship with a company that has your best interests at heart. It’s why Electrical Testers customers stay with us for so long and repeatedly call upon our services.

The benefits of one-stop-shop electrical testing

Electrical testing takes into account several different areas. The benefit of opting for Electrical Testers over multiple providers is that we offer a one-stop-solution that means you’ll never have to call on another trade or company.

Our services comprise:

Every electrical compliance you operate will be fully tested and comprehensive, easy-to-read reports provided thereafter.

Our engineers are fully trained and have access to the latest tools and techniques to ensure no stone is left unturned.

And that report? It won't be full of jargon; we'll leave you with a document that clearly explains what's been tested and what needs to be sorted both immediately and in the future.

There’s no escaping PAT testing if you’re a business, and quite rightly; we’ll just make the process simple and affordable.

Every business should have PAT tests undertaken every 48 months for stationary equipment and every 24 months for equipment that is moved between locations.

Thankfully, you don't need to undertake PAT testing internally - it's something you can always rely on Electrical Testers to do for you - wherever you are in the UK.

It’s easy to forget that your fire alarm system forms a large part of the electrical infrastructure of your business - we’ll test every corner of it.

If you can't remember the last time you had a fire alarm test or suspect one has never been undertaken, it's time to call in Electrical Testers.

Don't let this crucial element of workplace safety be left to chance - a test is simple, affordable and could genuinely save lives.

Those green signs and lights above doors are easy to forget about - until you need them. We’ll ensure they’ll call into action perfectly if ever needed.

If there's one element of workplace safety that's often overlooked, it's emergency lighting. Can you be sure that yours will definitely work if the need arises?

Electrical Testers have all the experience and tools required to fully test emergency lighting to ensure it's fit for purpose and ready for action.

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