Electrical Safety is our business

Some of what we find on our travels gives shivers to the most hardened technicians.

The Electrical Testers Safety Shockers

During our travels we come across some pretty shocking examples of electrical safety failures.  The images below are a sample of what we have found on our visits.  These include:

  • Over wired fuse board
  • Burnt out plugs
  • Burnt out sockets
  • Hidden and unsafe sockets
  • Burnt out switch
  • A cup being used as a heat shield!
  • Flooded lights
  • An actual burning plug!

Be assured that our qualified electrical technicians leave all our findings fixed, repaired, replaced and completely safe.

Send us your own electrical safety failure pics

We would love to see your pictures where you have come across your own examples of electrical safety failures.

Please email us at enquiries@electricaltesters.com attaching as many examples that you can with a brief description of what you found on your own travels.

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