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Electrical Safety throughout the UK

Electrical Testers is based in Northamptonshire, but our brilliant engineers are actually stationed throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, which means we’re never far from your doorstep.

No matter which corner of the UK you’re in, Electrical Testers can provide compliance testing, fire risk assessments and fixed wire testing quickly, safely and in accordance with the latest UK standards.

Electrical safety has been our business since 1991 and we’ve remained a privately-owned company since that time. This gives us more flexibility, the opportunity to have a fantastic, close relationships with customers and means we can keep our prices at a cost-effective level.

Many of our customers return time and again to benefit from our electrical safety services. This is because our uk-wide coverage places a highly experienced, friendly Electrical Testers engineer near the doorstep of virtually every business in the country.

You won’t find a more personable, efficient service anywhere else. Our services and team have evolved with modern standards and we’re committed to investing in the tools and skills they have to help keep your business safe.


We’re based just outside the beautiful village of East Haddon in Northamptonshire. From our HQ, we manage a comprehensive network of brilliant electrical testing engineers throughout the UK. Electrical Testers has made a name for itself for over 30 years by providing safe, comprehensive electrical testing you simply can’t do without in the modern world.

You can consider Electrical Testers a one-stop-shop for all of your electrical safety requirements. This means you’ll have just one supplier to call on when it comes to electrical testing, fire risk assessments and even emergency lighting maintenance. We’ll provide jargon-free reports, undertake remedial work and let you know exactly what needs doing if anything less urgent requires attention.

We’re committed to evolving with modern safety standards. These change regularly, and it takes an experienced electrical testing company to keep up with them. Our UK-wide engineers are the best in their fields and benefit from years of experience across a wide range of disciplines. They’re given only the best tools to work with and we’re always investing in training to ensure they know how to keep your business safe and compliant.

We’re based in Northamptonshire, but the Electrical Testers service expands across all areas of the UK. When we started the business in 1991, it was with a view to building a network of talented electrical engineers throughout the country. We’ve done that, but we’re always growing and that means there’ll be an Electrical Testers engineer close to your business and ready whenever you need your electrical safety reviewing.

Wide range of Regional Electrical Safety Services

We cover the whole of the UK with our experienced and qualified engineers offering a wide range of services from our full electrical safety service to specific services such as Emergency Lighting Testing.

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