Why your midlands-based business will benefit from electrical safety testing

15 April 2019

Electrical safety testing is an essential element to keeping any business operating safely.

The process of electrical safety testing on an appliance involves a physical and visual inspection, functionality testing, polarity tests and overload testing before it can be labelled as having passed.

Due to the experience required to conduct this vital test successfully, you will need to book a professional to perform an electrical safety test.

Here’s why your midlands-based business will benefit from electrical safety testing.

1. Everything electrical will be tested

Having everything electrical within your premises tested will provide ultimate peace of mind for your midlands-based business. Knowing that your electrical equipment is safe and in working order will give you the confidence that your staff can undertake their jobs safely and thoroughly.

Nobody wants to run the risk of electrical shock, fire, or other physical industry because of improperly maintained electrical equipment.

2. Protect the livelihood of your business

Lengthening the life of electrical appliances within your company with regular electrical safety tests means fewer replacements of entire appliances or internal systems. This will have a clear benefit on your bottom line over the medium to long term.

When thinking about the future of your midlands-based business, corporate fines or lawsuits are a real risk in current times when an electrical shock, serious physical injury or loss of trust between employer and employee has regrettably happened.

Electrical safety testing will ensure your business will not be hit by a series of fines due to neglect within the workplace, and help you keep any unnecessary costs down when replacing electrical equipment.

3. You will get PAT testing, too

Broadly speaking, PAT testing is a safety procedure designed to ensure that anyone who comes into contact with portable electrical appliances isn’t at risk of being injured.

A competent and certified external PAT Testing professional from an external company will best be able to observe the appliances within your midlands-based business and look for obvious signs of current or impending problems. The law does not enforce a specific testing schedule but waiting any longer than 12 months between PAT tests is not recommended.

4. Insurance companies won’t take you to the cleaners!

With government and industry regulations, it’s never been more important to comply with safety guidelines in the workplace. Setting aside the obvious importance of your workers’ health and wellbeing, your insurers will respect and reward a culture of safety.

A lack of electrical safety tests on a malfunctioning or dangerous electrical appliance can run the risk of voiding your insurance policy altogether. Keep up full, regular electrical safety tests within your organisation and you’ll possibly be rewarded with lower premiums, too.

Wrapping up

Whether your premises are open to the public, you are responsible for field workers, or you just have staff on site, your midlands-based business will require electrical safety testing.

We recommend this testing is performed annually to ensure the optimum environment of safety for all workers.

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