Common excuses for not booking a fire alarm system test

21 December 2018

At Electrical Testers, we recognise the importance of ensuring workplaces regularly conduct fire alarm system tests.

For most businesses, there’s a variety of excuses available for not following this highly important protocol, despite fire safety being a number one priority for all organisations (at least, on paper!).

Here are some common excuses for not booking a fire alarm system test.

1. “We already know what to do in the event of a fire”

While it’s great that you and your team already know what to do if there’s a fire, and can therefore plan for such an emergency, there’s still no excuse not to book a fire alarm system test.

If your system hasn’t been tested and a fire breaks out, for example, how can you be sure it’s going to work, and therefore help prevent injury or damage?

While you should be encouraging your workers to be aware of and follow the correct procedure in the event of a fire, conducting a fire alarm system test is part of that essential safety protocol.

2. “It’ll disrupt our busy staff…”

Is there a peak time of the year where work picks up and everyone is suddenly swept off their feet? That’s still no excuse not to book a fire safety test!

Don’t forget that fires can happen at any time, and therefore you should always book regular tests even at busy times of the year.

At Electrical Testers, we provide a disruption-free service, allowing you and your staff to continue regular day-to-day operations whilst we conduct the fire alarm system test for you.

3. “It’s expensive…”

How much do you value your business operations running smoothly from a safe environment? While all businesses need to stick to budgets and be economical for the sake of profits, that should never be at the expense of your business premises and more importantly, your workers’ safety.

Pick the right firm, and fire alarm system tests are great value and a worthwhile expense that will offer the appropriate safety system tests for your business.

Our staff also carry the necessary equipment to undergo any remedial work – saving you even more money, as it will prevent you from needing to hire another trader to take care of any additional issues.

4. “We only had one six months ago!”

Article 17 of the 2005 Fire Order Safety Act requires that businesses should test fire alarm systems every six months.

This should be reason enough to ensure protocol is followed, so there’s definitely no valid excuse in increasing the time between system tests.

5. “How likely is a fire, anyway?”

While being involved in a dangerous fire might seem like a highly improbable and unlikely event, don’t forget it’s the sophisticated fire safety systems in place that play a key role in preventing fires from becoming serious and life-threatening events.

Don’t skip safety procedures and the importance of staff wellbeing because of statistics - ensure you have those fire alarm system tests booked.

Wrapping up

The safety of your workforce is obviously a top priority for the business, but forgoing a fire alarm system test is a sure-fire way to inadvertently introduce serious risk for everyone.

Book your simple fire alarm system test today with Electrical Testers.

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