Say bye-bye red tape with an electrical safety test

23 July 2019

That red insulating tape might be a suitable temporary fix for exposed electrical wires, but in an active workplace, not all red tape associated with electrical and fire systems can be looked at so positively.

When an unsatisfactory safety report causes extra paperwork, things become problematic. For everyone.

There’s never a downside to ensuring your wiring and equipment on (and off) site is fit for purpose, so it’s time to say ‘bye-bye’ red tape by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Get a clean bill of health for your workplace

We undertake full fixed wiring tests on business premises as well as electrical safety tests for appliances to ensure that your company complies with UK legal standards when it comes to electrical safety.

Ensure that your building has a clean bill of health and prevent unwanted red tape with our fixed wire testing service.

2. Take any faults or advisory information seriously

Using red tape to bandage up the wires on some of your electrical equipment will quickly fix a problem like an exposed wire, but remember that it’s only a temporary measure. That troublesome wire, or even the electrical appliance itself will need to be repaired or replaced for a more permanent solution.

Equipment with the potential to surge or cause injury can usually be repaired by Electrical Testers UK at the time of the electrical safety test as part of our thorough service.

3. What about portable equipment?

Remember the workers out on the road hauling electrical equipment around on a daily basis? This type of equipment is more prone to that pesky red tape because of the portable nature of the equipment and the potential damage it could sustain during transit and frequent use.

Unless you’re made aware by a concerned employee, dangerous wear and tear on portable equipment can go unnoticed. At Electrical Testers, we can also provide PAT testing to ensure your employees’ portable equipment is fit for purpose!

4. Don’t forget the fire safety checks

Fire safety concerns and the red tape around fire risk assessments are another source of headaches any employer could do without. On top of checking the safety of equipment, Electrical Testers can check your emergency lighting, fire alarms and emergency devices such as smoke alarms.

We can undertake regular 6 and 12 monthly inspections for you to ensure compliance with BS5839 and will leave a detailed but jargon-free report highlighting recommendations and repairs.

5. Spread the word on best practice

Say bye-bye to red tape by encouraging a safety culture in your workplace and ensuring that staff are educated in properly handling electrical equipment.

Displaying signs, providing thorough training and reminding employees of correct procedures will limit the temporary damage caused to your electrical equipment, keeping the red tape at bay, hopefully for good.

Wrapping up

Avoidable electrical accidents at work will not only cause considerable distress for yourself and anybody involved but also bring your workplace under unwanted scrutiny and bring plenty of red tape along with it.

There’s no excuse to skimp on electrical safety tests when there’s so much at stake, so book yours with Electrical Testers UK today.

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