How often should you carry out a fire risk assessment?

10 February 2021

In both domestic and non-domestic buildings, fire safety is of the utmost importance. Commercial building owners and tenants however have a lot more to think about than regularly testing and changing the batteries of their fire alarms however!

Fire risk assessments aren’t just essential, they’re required by law to ensure a quality fire safety policy that protects your commercial building and all who use it. As a leading provider of fire safety testing and more specifically fire risk assessments, we give our clients the tools to put the safety of their employees and wider workplace first.

Here we take a closer look at the importance of fire risk assessments to answer the question – how often should fire risk assessments be carried out?


Why are fire risk assessments so important?

Commissioning a fire risk assessment from a fire safety testing professional like us is the first and most vital step to guaranteeing an iron-clad fire safety policy.

As a business or commercial building owner, you have a responsibility to keep all those that use your building (including staff and visitors) as safe as possible. The building itself must also be safeguarded from fire risk along with the contents within.


What does a fire risk assessment include?

By enlisting a qualified and experienced fire risk assessor to undertake a fully compliant fire risk assessment on your behalf, you are actively pinpointing the potential hazards that could put you and those that use the building in danger.

A fire risk assessment also identifies the steps that can be taken to mitigate or even completely eliminate such risks. Emergency plans and procedures are set out during a fire risk assessment, so should the worst happen, you can implement the safest and best possible course of action.


How often should I complete an assessment?

For a fire safety policy to remain effective and compliant, it must be regularly reviewed and updated. That’s where your fire risk assessment comes in!

It’s recommended that you have a fire risk assessment at least once annually to ensure your fire safety policy is up to scratch. You should also commission a new fire risk assessment, if your workplace has been subject to significant change as stated in Article 9 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Changes include the use of new equipment, procedures or technology, and also the occurrence of an accident or illness that requires review.

Are you due for a fire risk assessment or perhaps you would like to enlist us to help with your first? Contact us today to find out more about our fire safety services.


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