How to introduce an electrical safety-first culture at work

30 March 2019

Creating a safety-first culture should always be the top priority for any member of staff in the workplace.

Introducing a safety-first culture is crucial for ensuring the safety of employees and maintaining smooth operations in the workplace.

Here’s how to introduce an electrical safety-first culture at work.

1. Understand why safety protocol is important for your workplace

Each workplace is unique. Depending on the size of your premises, workforce and type of electrical machinery in use, you’ll need to vary your safety-first procedures.

Most people realise this, but it’s easy to forget that there are many safety procedures which remain a legal requirement for all workplaces.

Therefore, we think that understanding what is important for your workplace (in accordance with legal procedure) is the best way for you to establish and begin to introduce a safety-first culture at work.

2. Management should be trained in safety-first culture

Once you have the groundwork of the safety-first culture you will enforce at work, the next port of call should be with your management team.

As your management team are responsible for ensuring that all employees undertake their work correctly and effectively at all times, ensuring that they understand your safety-first culture at work is crucial.

Get them on the ball, and the rest of your staff will adopt a safety-first culture too.

3. Handbooks to new and existing employees

The safety protocol you have established and outlined to management should also be accompanied by a neat, easy-to-read handbook that you can hand out to all new and existing employees.

You should also have copies of the handbook around the workplace so that they are always on hand for reference and reminders.

4. Display informative posters to remind employees of safety procedures

Another way to create a safety-first culture at work is to display informative posters near electrical equipment to ensure employees follow the correct procedures.

Whilst these posters may include usage instructions, or helpful reminders, they don’t have to be boring or seem like you’re nagging your staff members. When using electrical equipment, a colourful and concise nearby poster highlighting a brief list of main points or an informal tone for serious safety considerations will just encourage people to think carefully.

5. Set up an email list for your employees

Although we don’t advocate that you bombard your staff outside of working hours with pamphlets on the business’s safety-first culture, setting up an email list is a great way for you to keep everyone in the workplace up-to-date with the various safety procedures.

With an email list, not only can you let employees know about any critical safety changes that they may need to know immediately, but you can send out light reminders on new or existing equipment moderations before the working day to ensure operations run smoothly.

Wrapping up

Creating a safety-first culture where all employees universally adopt the protocol set in place may seem like a difficult task - especially if you have a larger work force.

With the above tips, your business should be able to create and maintain a brilliant, safety-first working culture that keeps everyone safe.

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