Making sure your fire safety systems are regularly checked and maintained

14 December 2020

Why you should make sure your fire safety systems are regularly tested, checked and maintained

As an employer, safeguarding your employees will be a number one priority. Fire safety is of the utmost importance in all buildings, and it’s your responsibility to ensure your workplace meets all the latest health and safety standards.

Your fire safety system is an integral part of guaranteeing safety throughout the work environment. In addition to completing fire risk assessments to identify potential fire hazards and people at risk, making sure your fire safety systems are regularly tested, checked and thoroughly maintained is vital, here’s why…

Prepare for the worst

Your fire alarm system and wider selection of fire safety equipment will provide the lifeline you and your employees need should the worst happen.

As an employer, you must ensure that the fire alarm systems and equipment housed in and around your workplace is in good working order. With regular testing, checks and maintenance, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you and your employees are prepared for anything.

Fulfil your legal responsibilities

Employers have a number of legal (and moral) boxes to tick when it comes to upholding the health and safety of staff and visitors to their commercial or industrial property.

Under the latest UK legislation, all employers must supply appropriate firefighting equipment, including fire alarms, safety doors, emergency lighting and extinguishers. If your business property is deemed to be high risk, you may also need to provide hose reels and sprinklers by law. Higher risk businesses include restaurants or premises that are used to store or handle chemical or flammable materials.

Safeguard your staff and your business

Fire safety equipment and alarm systems are designed to be durable and reliable, but need a helping hand to ensure they fulfil these criteria in the short and long term.

Alongside monthly checks by a responsible person, all fire protection equipment should be tested and inspected by an accredited and fully qualified technician – like us! – every six months. Any necessary maintenance must be carried out to ensure fire protection equipment (such as alarms, detectors, lighting, sprinklers, extinguishers and fire doors) are fit for purpose.

Here at Electrical Testers, we go above and beyond to deliver the highest standard of fire safety testing, inspection and maintenance. We’ll also use our experience and expertise to supply recommendations and guidance whilst on site so you have access to the latest and greatest fire protection.

For further information about our fire safety testing, inspection and maintenance services, please contact us today.

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