The top 10 reasons for finding a qualified Electrical Safety Services Solution

29 October 2019

Most electrical testing companies offer multiple services relating to electrical safety, but many can also offer a full service so that your business can benefit from a one-stop solution for its testing requirements.

Below are the top 10 reasons for finding a qualified Electrical Safety Services solution to take care of all your electrical testing needs.

1. Electrical testing

A key concern for making sure your business is running at its best is with the electrical appliances you regularly use. Like all electric goods, they have a shelf life.

Booking a full service with an electrical safety professional will ensure that any visible or hidden issues with all of your appliances are noticed and reported back to you.

2. PAT testing

If your business uses portable appliances, they too will need regular tests to ensure they are safe to use. With a full service, these appliances will also be inspected to ensure they comply with safety standards.

3. Fire alarm testing

Electrical safety services can also inspect fire safety at work. A legal requirement of your business is to ensure that you have an appropriate amount of working fire alarms and that they are tested regularly. This will be included in a full service.

4. Fire risk assessments

A full service will also look into fire risk assessments in the workplace and report how you can reduce the risk of fire on your premises.

Electrical Testers has three decades of experience in fire prevention and can perform a complete assessment of your premises to keep your staff and business safe.

5. Emergency lighting testing

Your emergency lighting will also be inspected according to legal requirements. Although you’d hope to never need them, it’s important to make sure they work - just in case!

6. Remedial works

You can rest assured that any repairs or remedial work can be undertaken by an electrical technician when you book a full service. Some of this can be done on the same day, too!

7. Local service at a national standard

At Electrical Testers, we are proud to offer all of our services nationally, but we also pride ourselves on undertaking our work with that approachable, local feel. With our company, you won’t be talking to automated bots or a call centre, you’ll discuss matters with real people - every single time.

8. Safety tests cannot be conducted internally

Your business is unable to undertake the responsibility of electrical safety, and will always need to call a professional to inspect your premises. This is a top reason why you should find a qualified electrical safety services solution to complete a full electrical service.

9. Time-saving

Running a business can be time-consuming, without the need to think about booking each individual safety test to comply with the law. Book yourself a full service with a professional and save yourself some time to focus on the business side of things.

10. Stress-free

It’s always a bonus to find ways to take the stress out of running a business. Booking a full electrical service for your company means that you can rest assured that all safety tests are regularly conducted with a company you can trust to get the job done!

Wrapping up

We hope that you can see the many benefits of finding and booking your full electrical service with a qualified electrical safety services solution.

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