Removing legal headaches with electrical compliance testing

11 July 2019

Electrical compliance testing, whilst necessary, doesn’t sound too glamorous for most business owners.

What about if we add solicitors, your legal requirements in the UK and the consequences of not keeping up-to-date into the mix?

Hmm, no that definitely isn’t better… so the more we can remove those legal headaches for you with the services we provide, the better!

Electrical inspections

First things first; you should make yourself aware of the full list of electrical compliance tests your business will need in order for you to keep things nice and legal.

An electrical inspection can provide one or a combination of compliance tests, all of which are needed to conform to British Standards and Codes of Practice.

Fixed wire testing

A fixed wire test will look closely at all of the electrical fittings and fixtures running through your business premises. We recommend you have these checks once every five years, but sometimes more, depending on the size of your business premises.

While you’re busy running day-to-day operations, hidden electrical fixtures can become damaged and deemed unfit for purpose without you even realising, which could end up being a serious legal headache if an injury is sustained as a result.

Electrical safety tests and repairs

Electrical safety tests take place to ensure that all electrical fixtures in the building are in good working order.

Our engineers at Electrical Testers are also trained to fix any easy repairs on the job, removing any immediate legal issues with damages, and helping you continue to run day-to-day operations.

PAT testing

Similar to electrical safety tests, PAT testing ensures that all portable and fixed appliances required to run your business are fit for purpose. These might include anything from a PC to the kettle in your office kitchen. All appliances need to be PAT assured regularly.

Once again, if there are any necessary repairs that are needed for your equipment, our experienced technicians can do that for you onsite, helping to reduce any immediate issues or injuries.

Fire alarm and emergency lighting

Fire safety devices are a legal necessity, and without working fire alarms dotted around your entire premises, you risk a series of legal headaches that are just not worth the hassle.

Emergency lighting is also important to consider, especially if you experience a blackout or other emergency situation where you need people to be guided to safety as quickly as possible.

Our fire alarm and emergency lighting tests ensure that once every six months, we deem all of your emergency safety devices are compliant with British legal requirements.

Wrapping up

Why not put all of those legal worries to bed and just think about the bright side of getting your electrical compliance testing up-to-date?

Our jargon-free reports aim to give you thorough, yet easy-to-understand information, so that you can focus on running your business, and we can worry about ensuring you can do so as safely as possible.

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