Signs your business might need a fixed wire inspection

29 June 2019

A fixed wire inspection is a procedure that inspects and tests all electrical installations on your premises.

It’s a legal requirement that your business property complies with IET wiring regulations BS7671, and therefore you are obliged to book these inspections regularly to ensure operations run smoothly and to prevent electrical incidents in the workplace.

So whether you’re due an inspection or not, here are a few signs your business might need to book a fixed wire test.

1. Your premises is due an inspection

The frequency with which you need to book a fixed wire inspection will depend on the size of your premises. This is to ensure you comply with the legal requirements expected of your business.

Many businesses require a fixed wire test every 5 years but higher risk environments will be 3 years. Those are the maximum recommended periods, so if you’re getting close to the deadline an inspection should certainly be booked.

The insurance policy for your business will also require you to do this, so be sure to get a fixed wire test booked in as soon as possible.

2. Visible signs of wear

If electrical appliances or fixtures in the wall are showing visible signs of wear, that means you will need a fixed wire inspection as soon as possible regardless of whether the upper limit of 3-5 years is approaching.

After frequent use of electrical equipment, it’s only natural that they need to be repaired or replaced over time. The sooner the damage is spotted, the more likely we are able to repair it on the day for you. If we think the repair job will require more time, we will provide a quote.

3. Non-visible signs of wear

Whilst non-visible signs of wear are not technically a clear ‘sign’ you or other workers on site can take as a warning, it’s still something you need to take into consideration regularly to ensure your business complies with safety regulations.

A fixed wire test will cover all electrical installations, hidden or visible, meaning that any damage you might not be able to see will be recorded and repaired. Knowing this has been done will give you peace of mind that you and your colleagues will be safe.

4. You’ve recently had an electrical accident

If you’ve recently had an accident in the workplace as a result of an electrical appliance or fixture, that is a sign that you might need a fixed wire inspection too.

Accidents do unfortunately happen. Even though the accident might not necessarily have occurred due to an electrical fault, but the result of poor judgement, a genuine accident, or misunderstanding of safety procedures, it might be worth booking a fixed wire inspection while safety is uppermost in your mind.

Wrapping up

We hope that by reminding you of the importance of fixed wire inspections, your business could benefit from getting that fixed wire inspection arranged and booked as soon as possible.

For more information and to book a fixed wire test with us at Electrical Testers, get in touch.

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