The importance of PAT testing

12 May 2022

Ensuring electrical safety throughout your business premises is not only a moral obligation, it is a legal requirement.

In accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, your electrical equipment should be maintained to a high standard to ensure it does not put your workers, visitors and any other person using your business premises at risk. That’s where PAT testing comes in.

Read on to find out all you need to know about PAT testing, including what it is and why it’s important for every company with a commercial premises here in the UK.


What is PAT testing?

PAT – which stands for Portable Appliance Test – testing is required by law and should be undertaken across all electrical equipment within your commercial setting, whether it is portable, fixed, transportable, plugged or spurred.

PAT testing should be performed on all moveable equipment that weighs less than 18kg and stationary equipment that weighs more than 18kg.


Why is PAT testing important?

PAT testing is applicable in workplaces and public settings, and ultimately ensures that electrical equipment can be used safely. PAT testing involves electrical testing and visual inspection to identify any damage or defects that could make the equipment unsafe to use.

Along with making electrical equipment within your commercial premises safe, PAT testing ensures legal compliance and minimises the risk of failures that could put your workers in a dangerous position as well as disrupt business operations.


Why you should choose a reputable company for PAT testing?

Due to the importance of PAT testing for safety and compliance, choosing a reputable company (like us) to conduct PAT testing should be a top priority.

A well-qualified electrical testing engineer is not only clued up on the latest rules and regulations for PAT testing but is well equipped with the specialist tools and knowledge to identify failures and faults accurately and efficiently.

Our engineers take PAT testing seriously, providing the expertise and experience needed to undertake testing to the highest standards. Along with supplying typed certification – we don’t do illegible, handwritten certs here at Electrical Testers – our engineers are fully qualified to carry out repairs that minimise failures. We save our customers further time and money by undertaking minor repairs on mains wiring at the same time.

With our PAT testing help, you can remain compliant and keep your employees safe with well maintained, safe to use equipment that you can rely on day in, day out.

Find out more about our PAT testing services or contact us direct to discuss your requirements.


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