We're now fully qualified for the 18th edition Wiring Regulations!

25 January 2019

The Wiring Regulations are incredibly important in our line of work. They're designed to ensure all engineers work to the same standard, safely and help businesses safeguard against electric shock and fire. In 2017, they were put under review in preparation for the launch of the 18th edition, which was eventually released last year.

We published an article recently on what the 18th edition Wiring Regulations means to businesses and the key things you need to be aware of as a business owner. The regulations get incredibly technical, as you might expect, but that's for us to digest - not you!

We're happy to say that we have digested the new regulations and can proudly announce that all Electrical Testers engineers are now fully-qualified to work under the 18th edition Wiring Regulations. 

If you need fixed wire testing or any form of electrical work reviewed and modified to ensure it is safe and in adherence to the latest standards, you need look no further than Electrical Testers. We have talented, highly-trained and friendly engineers stationed all around the country, so we're never far from your door!

To book testing with us and to benefit from a team that is up-to-speed with the latest wiring regulations, just get in touch today!

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