Why 2019 should be the year you book a fixed wire test

29 January 2019

Fixed wire testing, under ET wiring regulations BS7671, is a legal requirement that companies must conduct every five years.

Many companies that offer compliance testing, however, recommend that you should conduct a fixed wire test more frequently to ensure operations in your business run smoothly and you comply with safety procedures in the workplace.

If your business is due an electrical compliance test, here’s why 2019 should be the year you book that fixed wire test!

1. Peace of mind

A fixed wire test ensures that all electrical services in your building, such as main panels, lighting and socket outlets are tested and fully operational.

Without a sufficient record of fixed wire testing on a regular basis, you risk any potential electrical issues in the future not being covered by your insurance company.

Many businesses therefore book their fixed wire test with professionals like us at Electrical Testers. This is usually because they lack the qualified staff on their premises to carry out the work, and it offers a stress-free way to comply with modern legal regulations by using a company that prides itself on delivering experienced, impartial inspections.

Booking a fixed wire test will offer you and your company peace of mind for the rest of the year – it’s that simple!

2. Faults are not always obvious

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to self-detect and electrical anomalies within your business. They’re rarely obvious, and that means, if left undetected, they can quickly turn into something much more serious.

At face value, the electrics in your establishment provide nothing more than fuel for your devices and machinery, but remain the most crucial and hazardous component within your premises.

But without fully-working electrics, those devices and pieces of machinery your business relies on (and not to mention the safety of employees and members of the public) are put at risk. And, when it comes to employee and public safety, you as the employer will almost certainly be liable.

A test will ensure any ‘invisible’ problems are detected and fixed before they cause any issues or risk the safety of colleagues and the business premises.

3. Better fire safety

Of the many associated risks that come with not having a safe, fully-operational fixed wire installation, the most dangerous and costly consequence is fire.

Alongside fire safety tests, a fixed wire test ensures that all your electronic circuits are in full working order, providing you with an adequate fire safety report for insurance purposes and better fire safety in the workplace.

4. Minimal disruption

If you’ve delayed booking a fixed wire test due to fear of the electrics being out for a full working day, rest assured you won’t be out of action for long with the right company conducting the testing.

Fixed wire testing under Guidance 3 of the wiring regulations requires that the time of inspection and any electric disconnection is conducted and agreed within a specified time scale, therefore causing minimal disruption to your workplace.

Alongside this, the team at Electrical Testers can also conduct any minimal damage work during the day of inspection,

Wrapping up

Maintaining regular intervals between fixed wire tests and inspections will ensure the safety of your business, premises and members of staff. It really is a no-brainer!

Book your fixed wire test today with Electrical Testers!

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