Why your remedial works should be carried out by a fully qualified electrical engineer

6 March 2020

So, you’ve had an electrical safety test, only to find that there are some remedial works that need to be done.

Certain remedial works might not be able to be fixed on the day of inspection. If that’s the case, we’ll advise you to view our quotes and book for us to come back and take care of the issues.

If the jobs seem low risk, or easy, you might even be tempted to either leave these issues or attempt to fix them yourself.

In this blog, we look at the reasons why your remedial works should always be carried out by fully qualified electrical engineers

1. The issues could get worse and add extra costs

You may feel that you just don’t have the budget to undertake these remedial works immediately.

Whilst we understand that unexpected electrical damage is not always part of the annual business budget, it is, unfortunately, a cost that can’t, and shouldn’t be avoided if you want to maintain a safe and productive working environment.

Getting either a shoddy job done, or leaving it until the issues become worse could, in fact, be more costly in the long run. You risk having to spend extra on parts and materials, only to eventually call out a qualified electrical engineer anyway (which should have been done in the first place).

So, it’s a good idea to get these remedial works completed as soon as possible.

2. You could risk lives

Leaving remedial works that seem ‘low risk’ could actually risk the lives of your employees and potentially members of the public.

Exposed wires and damaged equipment, for example, can be dangerous to use and could result in the electrocution of the person using the equipment.

No one should go to a place of work and be put at risk by damaged electrical equipment, and the responsibility of any injuries or potential fatalities would always rest with the employer and those who own and who are responsible for the safety of the premises.

3. The legal matters…

According to Part P of the Building Regulations in England, it’s illegal to undertake many electrical jobs if you haven’t applied for a ‘competent person’ or qualified electrical engineer to undertake the job.

You could risk huge fines and losing your entire business by ignoring or going against the law, so to be on the safe side, always hire a fully qualified electrical engineer to carry out any remedial work.

To fully prove that your remedial work has been conducted to a high standard, your engineer should issue you with a certification that serves as evidence of electrical compliance with the EICR.

Wrapping up

No matter how big or small the electrical work is, we’d always recommend that it’s undertaken by a qualified electrical engineer, for matters do to with the legality of the work, and, of course, the safety of those in your place of work.

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